Vectra - 3D imaging

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The Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique is unique in Central Florida, using 3-D imaging as a standard in breast imaging and photography. 3-D imaging allows excellent visualization and comparison of before and after photographs from all angles. With 3-D imaging we can help our augmentation patients visualize their before and after results by simulating the effect of adding implants or fat of different volumes. The system also allows accurate measurement of differences in shape and volume of the breasts

Our facility was the first practice in Florida to utilize the  Canfield Scientific Vectra 3D Breast Sculptor imaging system, and Dr. Hartog is a consultant to the company. Dr. Hartog conducts ongoing research and development in the art and science of fat grafting for breast reconstruction and augmentation, and he uses the volume data provided by the Vectra system  to continuously improve the results and predictability of fat grafting procedures.

Shown below is an animated before and after 3-D image of a combined breast implant with fat grafting procedure known as a cleavage lift or composite breast augmentation.3-D imaging clearly demonstrates how fat grafting can enhance the results of breast augmentation with implants alone by allowing fat to be placed over the implants more closely towards the midline, to greatly improve the cleavage area.

Although it's the most accurate tool available, remember that Vectra 3D's Breast Sculptor is a scientific tool, not a crystal ball. It cannot look into the future and see exactly what your results are going to be.

If you live in Winter Park, Orlando or the surrounding Florida areas and would like to learn more about breast reconstruction and augmentation using Vectra 3-D imaging, please contact plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hartog to schedule a consultation.

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