Tuberous Breast Correction with Fat

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Tuberous deformity is a common problem for women seeking breast augmentation. The reason for the tubular appearance is an underdevelopment of the lower part of the breast, in combination with a high fold and an enlarged areola. The tradtional approach to correcting the tuberous breast shape uses an implant to stretch the lower part of the breast, often in combination with an areolar or 'doughnut' breast lift. The problem with this approach is that the lack of breast tissue in the lower part of the breast is not corrected, and the skin is simply stretched by the implant to improve the shape. Frequently the result is still not ideal, and the tissue over the implant may be very thin.

One of the main benefits of fat grafting is that the fat can be placed exactly where needed to improve the shape of the breast. Fat grafting can be used alone to both enlarge and improve the shape of the breast, or fat grafting can be used in combination with breast implants to improve the shape of the lower part of the breast, and at the same time increase the tissue thickness over the implant.

Another situation where lower pole fat grafting can be helpful is for women who chose large implants that are much wider than their own breast. As in the tuberous breasts the tissue may be very thin over the outer part of the implants and there may even be a visible step where the breast itself ends and the implant starts. Once again fat can be grafted exactly where needed to improve the tissue thickness and the shape of the breast

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