Scarless Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation

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For many women, one of the biggest disadvantages of breast augmentation or breast reconstruction is the inevitability of scarring. In order to place breast implants, incisions must be made – and although these incisions can be placed in less conspicuous areas, they are still a frustrating sacrifice in the eyes of most patients.

Thankfully, new fat grafting and internal lift techniques have made it possible to perform scarless breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. Fat grafting is performed by removing your own fat from a different area of your body – for example, your abdomen or buttocks – and transferring it to your breasts. Since this process only requires the use of a tiny needle, no incisions are necessary, providing you with a virtually scarless procedure.

Scarless Breast Reconstruction

Breast augmentation with fat transfer – combined with the BRAVA® tissue regeneration device – can be performed alongside internal tissue shaping and suspension methods to provide women with a 100% natural and scarless breast reconstruction after cancer. For staged procedures, you may be able to use your own fat to make the process even simpler.

Scarless Breast Augmentation

Fat micrografting can provide moderate breast augmentation for women who want to completely avoid breast implants and their accompanying scars. Scarless breast augmentation with fat transfer is also a great option if you want to remove your breast implants, or if you have experienced complications (such as capsular contracture) with your implants.

Fat grafting, also called “lipofilling,” can enhance a breast augmentation with breast implants to:

  • Cover implant rippling
  • Improve cleavage
  • Improve breast symmetry and shape

Scarless breast augmentation is the best way to avoid or correct problems caused by breast implants.

Scarless Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

One of the unique benefits of scarless breast surgery with fat transfer is the opportunity to produce a “reverse tummy tuck” effect. When Dr. Hartog is creating your breast fold during scarless breast surgery, he will have the opportunity to pull and tighten the skin of your upper abdomen, as well as the skin on the side of your chest. This provides further body contouring for patients, in addition to the liposuction that occurs during fat transfer.

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