Reverse Abdominoplasty with Fat Transfer (RAFT) Procedure

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The Reverse Abdominoplasty with Fat Transfer or RAFT procedure is a revolutionary addition to the various scarless breast reconstruction and augmentation techniques we now offer to our patients. The RAFT technique is based on earlier open surgical technique to advance the tissue of the upper abdomen into the breast to add volume to the breast and define the breast fold. The scarless modification of these techniques were developed by Dr. Roger Khouri, and have now been adopted and modified by Dr. Hartog. The RAFT procedure results in:

  • Enhanced volume of the breast
  • Improved breast shape
  • Defininition of the breast fold
  • Tightening of the upper abdomen for a reverse tummy tuck as an additional bonus

The procedure is performed using only internal suture techniques designed to lift and tighten the upper abdomen, bring the upper abdominal tissue into the lower breast. The RAFT procedure is combined with fat grafting to create a natural breast without the need for implants or tissue flaps, and no additional long surgical scars.

The RAFT procedure can be used for breast reconstruction after breast cancer, or to improve the shape of breasts, and also in breast augmentation or reconstruction after implant complications.

In a variation of the RAFT procedure, Dr. Hartog has developed internal suture techniques for scarless breast augmentation and breast lift utilizing the REFINE® device. This technique can be particularly helpful in correcting breast assymetries.

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