Liquid Gold® Lipobank

Providing the Best in Natural Breast Reconstruction to Orlando & nearby areas of Florida

We are the first clinic based facility in the US and worldwide to install an FDA registered tissue bank, and we are able to store patients' fat for staged breast fat grafting procedures, or other potential uses. Fat removed with liposuction is stored under strict safety protocols conforming with FDA policy and procedure requirements for tissue banks. Dr. Hartog has also perfected a completely closed fat liposuction harvesting system, effectively eliminating potential mislabelling or contamination potential. Dr. Hartog has presented nationally and internationally on his process and the use of banked (cryopreserved) fat for breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation.

Strict barcoding is used throughout the process, and we never process more then one individual's tissue at one time. This eliminates any potential for mislabeling.

Fat is stored in sealed containers and specially designed racks using a strict computer controlled inventory system. The fat is stored indefinitely at minus 192 degrees Celcius.

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