General Questions about Fat Transfer

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How is fat transfer (grafting) performed?

During the fat grafting procedure, fat is removed with gentle liposuction from areas of the body with extra fat like the abdomen and thighs, and then transferred in microdroplet injection in the grafted area. Fat can also be frozen in our FDA registered fat bank and grafted at a future time.

Does fat grafting last?

Once a fat graft is placed, there is a period of time during which the graft has to take. Once the graft takes, it is a permanent part of your body just like the area it was transferred from. Using modern techniques we are able to obtain very predictable and permanent results with fat grafting. 

What happens if I lose weight or gain weight?

Grafted fat will behave just like fat anywhere in your body. When you gain weight, the fat will increase in volume. When you lose weight it will decrease in volume.

Do fat grafted breasts feel natural?

Breasts are made up normally of breast tissue mixed with fat, so breasts enlarged or breasts reconstructed with fat will feel completely natural. In reconstructed breasts, patients usually report that sensation to the skin of the reconstructed breast is restored. In many cases, women who have been treated with radiation will complain of pain, rigid tissues, and limitation of movement. Fat grafting is able to alleviate  or abolish pain from radiation, restore normal texture and suppleness to the tissues, and increase mobility.

Are there scars with fat grafting?

There are no significant scars with fat grafting. Very small suction tubes about 1/8 of an inch in thickness are used for the liposuction, and even smaller needles are used to reinject the fat.

Does insurance cover breast reconstruction with fat?

It is a federal law that breast reconstruction must be covered by health insurance, and breast reconstruction with fat is no different in this respect. Breast reconstruction with fat is proving to be a very economical approach to breast reconstruction, particularly as no hospitalization is required and when one considers the very low complication rate compared to other approaches. Insurance companies are starting to become aware of the advantages of this approach. We work with you to obtain insurance authorization prior to your procedure.

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