The Scarless* Fat Grafting Procedure

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For breast reconstruction or augmentation, the fat transfer procedure safely removes fat from certain areas of your body and places it within the breast. Fat grafting can be used alone, without breast implants or tissue flaps, providing a completely natural procedure without lengthy downtime and recovery.

The fat grafting procedure consists of three basic stages:

  • Harvesting the fat with liposuction.
  • Processing the fat to remove impurities and enrich with ADRCs.
  • Delivering the fat to the treatment area with micrografting needles.

When liposuction is performed to harvest your fat cells, gentle techniques are used to protect the viability of the fat cells. Our liposuction methods include Body-Jet® lipo, Vaser®, and Tickle Lipo™. The liposuction techniques prevent the destruction of the fat cells. Instead of discarding any remaining fat from your liposuction, it can be stored in the LiquidGold™ LipoBank for future volume-enhancing cosmetic procedures or for a staged breast augmentation or reconstruction procedure.

The fat is processed to remove excess oil and blood. The graft may be enriched with Adipose Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRCs), which must be separated and isolated from a portion of the fat, and then injected into the fat graft that will be used in your procedure.

The fat is injected into the breast or other body area without creating invasive scars. Only a small insertion point is needed to deliver the fat with a needle. The fat is injected in an interweaving web-like pattern and in levels. This precise delivery technique achieves optimal volume results while ensuring as many fat cells as possible will survive.

In some cases, the BRAVA® tissue expander device may need to be worn prior to the fat grafting procedure. This device is often necessary to prepare the tissue for the fat graft, especially in cases of breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

*Fat grafting and suture suspension techniques are performed using only small needles for the procedures, thus the procedures will result in either no visible scars or possibly very small, almost invisible scars.

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To learn more about the fat grafting technique for breast reconstruction and augmentation in the Orlando, Florida area, please contact plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hartog to schedule a consultation.

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