Breast Reconstruction with Fat after Radiation Therapy

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If there is one area where fat micrografting has been shown increasingly to be beneficial, it is in the face of radiation to the breast area.

Unfortunately, traditional tissue flap and breast implant procedures have a significantly increased risk of complications when the area has been irradiated. Studies show that the complication rate with breast implant and expander reconstruction is 5-6 times higher with radiation therapy than without and may be 30% or higher. Fat micrografting may be used as the primary method of reconstruction as well as a way to salvage failed or compromised reconstruction attempts using other methods. We believe that fat grafting should be the first-line approach to reconstruction particularly when mastectomy or lumpectomy has been followed by radiation treatments. Fat grafting is able to transform radiated skin and tissue that is severely scarred and damaged and restore it to normal appearance, normal consistency and even normal sensation. One of the most striking things we have noted is that in patients who have pain in radiation treated areas, there is almost immediate improvement or even disappearance of their pain after fat grafting.

The benefit of fat is probably the result of the presence of high concentrations of Adipose Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells (ADRC's) within fat. In Europe, fat micrografting is considered the first-line approach to breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and radiation. Even the British National Health Service now recommends stem and regenerative cell enriched fat grafting as the most economical and primary approach to breast reconstruction. In a study in Europe, cell-enriched fat grafting for reconstruction of lumpectomy defects was shown to be very effective, and is now considered to be the most cost-effective approach.

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