Breast Reconstruction after Lumpectomy

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After a lumpectomy, a partial mastectomy, a wedge resection or a quadrantectomy, the resulting breast deformity can be devastating to many women. Fat micrografting can be an ideal way to help reconstruct the breast with no scars or incisions, to restore a normal shape and symmetry. The procedure is also a 100% natural, 100% outpatient procedure with minimal recovery and downtime.

In most cases, lumpectomy patients are required to receive radiation to the breast to minimize cancer recurrence. Unfortunately radiation always results in some tissue damage, which can cause deformity of the breast, poor skin quality and even tissue breakdown. In the face of radiation, other reconstruction methods with flaps and implants also have a significantly increased risk of complications. Particularly with implants, the risk of capsular contracture approaches 100 percent. Using traditional methods, a radiated breast is often difficult to reconstruct.

One of the major benefits of fat micrografting is the ability of the grafted fat to actually heal and restore the damaged tissues. This is probably the result of the presence of high concentrations of Adipose Derived Stem and Regenerative Cells within fat. In Europe, fat micrografting is considered the first-line approach to breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and radiation. Even the British National Health Service now recommends stem and regenerative cell enriched fat grafting as the most economical and primary approach to breast reconstruction. In a study in Europe, cell-enriched fat grafting for reconstruction of lumpectomy defects was shown to be very effective, and is now considered to be the most cost-effective approach. 

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