Breast Reconstruction after Implants or Tissue Flaps

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Traditionally, breast reconstruction has been performed using breast implants or tissue flaps. While these techniques have helped many breast cancer survivors restore breast shape, there are several complications associated with these techniques. The fat grafting technique avoids these complications while using your own natural fat to reconstruct the breast.

Using Tissue Flaps and Breast Implants for Breast Reconstruction

The traditional methods of breast reconstruction have achieved a high level of sophistication, but are frequently associated with significant additional scarring, and significantly increased morbidity and recovery. The more sophisticated techniques such as the DIEP flap can achieve excellent results, but must be performed in centers and by surgeons who perform these procedures frequently. Even so complications do occur, and can range from minor flap loss to devastating total loss of the flaps. Flaps and implants will also frequently still require further work to improve the appearance, and implants may have their own problems with time, including problems such as capsular contracture.

Implants can be removed and the breast reconstructed completely with fat transfer, should there be complications with the implants, or the individual wishes to have the implants removed for any reason.

Advantages of Fat Micrografting

Fat micrografting can be used to improve the results of existing tissue flaps and implants, or to completely reconstruct the breast after flap or implant complications. Fat is removed from elsewhere on your body with liposuction, and can then be placed over a breast implant or tissue flap to adjust the results achieved with these techniques. Or, fat can be used by itself to achieve moderate volume naturally, and without the use of foreign objects or the risks of tissue flaps.

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