Breast Implant Replacement with Fat (SIEF)

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It is frequently possible to remove breast implants and simultaneuosly perform fat grafting. This procedure is known as Simultaneous Implant Exchange with Fat, or SIEF. If you wish to have existing implants removed for any reason, it is usually possible to perform fat grafting during the same procedure. Depending on the size of the implants being removed, the amount of your own breast tissue, and the amount of fat available for grafting, the breast size after SIEF may approximate or even exceed the size previously obtained with implants.

Reasons for implant removal include complications such as infection or capsular contracture, discomfort, rippling and unnatural feel or appearance, or just a personal choice to avoid implants in the body.

To learn more about scarless breast reconstruction and breast augmentation using fat grafting in Winter Park, Orlando, and nearby Central Florida communities, please contact our board certified breast surgeon Dr. Jeffrey M. Hartog to schedule a consultation.

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