Breast Implant Complications

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Despite improvements in breast implant techniques and breast implants themselves, complications related to breast implants still occur. These include capsular contracture and complications a a result of infections. If repeated implant complications occur, this may result in significant breast deformities which require reconstructive procedures to restore the shape and appearance of the breasts. Fat transfer is an ideal way to restore breast deformities that have occurred as a result of breast implant complications. In some situations the implants may be retained and the fat transfer performed over the implants, otherwise known as composite breast augmentation. In more severe cases the implants will need to be removed and almost total reconstruction may be required with multiple staged fat grafting procedures, using RAFT procedures. An example of a severe breast deformity after repeated implant complications can be seen in our gallery.

If you have had significant complications after breast augmentation, we may be able to help you by performing scarless fat transfer procedures

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