Correction of Breast Deformities

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Certain breast deformities and abnormalities can be problematic both before and after breast augmentation. Anatomical characteristics influence breast augmentation results, and you may be dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts after your cosmetic procedure. Breast deformities can be improved using fat grafting.

One of the major benefits of fat grafting is that the fat can be placed exactly where the patient and surgeon want it, creating a truly customized approach to correction of breast deformities, including:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Narrow, tubular breasts
  • Lack of lower breast fullness (short lower pole)
  • Small, shrunken breasts in the years following breast augmentation

Breast implants frequently do not conform to the actual shape of the patient's breasts, so that a mismatch may occur between the shape of the breast and the implant. Fat grafting allows the actual breast shape to be modified to better conform to the shape of the underlying implant. Examples of this include patients with asymmetric breast shape, tubular breasts, or even those more subtle deformities such as short lower poles of the breast that need to be filled out.

Fat grafting can be used alone to construct a more ideal breast shape, or in conjunction with implants to improve implant results. Used with breast implants, fat is injected over and around the implant to make minor adjustments to breast appearance.

If you are interested in correcting breast deformities and live in Orlando, Florida or the surrounding areas, please contact plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Hartog to schedule a consultation.

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