Scarless * Breast Augmentation with Fat

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For a completely scarless and natural breast augmentation without breast implants, consider the fat grafting option. We offer Enhanced Natural Breast Augmentation, using your own fat obtained using gentle liposuction. As the female breast is normally made up of breast tissue and fat, it makes perfect sense that the best material for breast augmentation would be fat from your own body. Improved fat grafting techniques have been devised over the last several years; these advances have provided significantly improved results with fat grafting for breast augmentation and have alleviated earlier concerns regarding the detection of breast cancer after fat grafting.

It is now possible to provide predictable results using your own fat for breast augmentation for small to moderate size breast augmentation such as a B or C cup (or larger) if you already have moderate size breasts.

Fat grafting for breast augmentation would usually require more than one procedure to achieve the desired breast size. With recent advances in fat grafting techniques, and the addition of technologies such as BRAVA®, we are now able to create larger, softer breasts with more predictable results with a single fat grafting procedure in most cases. Although the procedure can be done without BRAVA®, studies show that by expanding the tissues with BRAVA® prior to grafting, almost twice as much fat can be successfully grafted at one time.

With the availability of our Liquid Gold lipobank, we are able to extend this even further. With only a single liposuction procedure fat can be stored for additional lipofilling enlargement procedures under local anesthetic.

Fat is the richest source in the body of adult stem and regenerative cells or Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRCs). Animal and human studies indicate that these cells may be an important component of the ability of fat grafts to survive predictably. We are the first in Central Florida to use advanced PureGraft™ technology to process purified stem cells or ADRCs from your own fat. These ADRC's can then be added back to unprocessed fat to create an ADRC enriched fat graft. Animal studies show that this may result in up to 50 percent improvement in the survival of fat grafts. Present fat micrografting techniques allow much more predictable results with fat grafting for breast augmentation than could be obtained previously.

Fat grafting eliminates the risks of capsular contracture (or hardening) and breast implant deflation.  It also makes loss of nipple sensation very unlikely. An added advantage is that women can now enjoy the benefit of liposuction using the latest liposuction technologies such as Tickle-Lipo® and Body-Jet® to reduce the unwanted fat around your stomach and thighs, and at the same procedure use the fat removed to enhance your breasts. Using meticulous liposuction techniques and newly developed instruments to gently harvest and prepare the fat, the procedure can now be done much more economically than before, with minimal discomfort, rapid recovery, and high predictability of fat survival.

Even slim women are candidates for breast augmentation with fat for moderate size breasts, though fat grafting may not be an option for very slim women who want very large breasts. Fat grafting is ideal for women with moderate size breasts who have lost volume after pregnancy who want their youthful fullness restored, while at the same time flattening those unwanted bulges that have developed over the years.

The procedure is ideal for younger women who only want a moderate enlargement but want to avoid the use of breast implants.

As compared to implants, breast augmentation with fat transfer involves no incisions, no new scars and no foreign objects providing a completely natural feeling breast. You will love your new breasts.

*Fat grafting and suture suspension techniques are performed using only small needles for the procedures, thus the procedures will result in either no visible scars or possibly very small, almost invisible scars.

If you would like more information about liposuction combined with micrografting for breast augmentation in the Orlando, Florida area, please contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

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