Ultrasound adds safety and precision to fat grafting

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Sat, 03/31/2012

As part of our commitment to provide the highest levels of care to our patients, I'm excited to announce that we have introduced the Sound Surgical Touchview ultrasound device into our practice. This high resolution ultrasound imaging system allows us to visualize the tissues and structures under the skin, including fat, muscle, tendons, arteries, viens. We are also able to visualize many abnormal structures including ruptured breast implants, cysts and other abnormal masses. Because the device is small and portable, based on a regular MAC laptop computer, it can be used in and out of the operating room before, during and after fat grafting or other procedures. This device is so sensitive that it is able to detect structures less than 1mm in size.

We plan to use this device to continue to add value to the patient services we provide, these areas include:

Before procedures to evaluate existing breast implants for rupture, and the fat and muscle tissues prior to grafting, and of course to help detect any other known or unexpected abnormalities like cysts or even tumors. We would like to emphasize that we are not radiologists, so standard MRI and mammography and ultrasound exams performed by radiologists will still be part of our normal routine as before. We hope that having this tool in our office will be able to save additional examinations as well as find unsuspected issues which can then be further evaluated by a radiologist.

During procedures, the device can easily be used with a sterile sheath over the mini-ultrasound probe which has been specialy designed for use by plastic surgeons in the operating room. This will help guide our surgical procedures for more precise liposuction and much more precise placement of fat grafts. The device can also enhance safety by allowing us to visualize important structures such as blood vessels and nerves, and help minimize the risk of damage to these structures, or even injection into these structures.

After any fat grafting or liposuction procedures, ultrasound is also a very valuable tool for postoperative care. For example after liposuction, ultrasound can be used to locate any fluid collections that can be improved with our lymphatic drainage techniques, to speed recovery and help provide a smoother result.

One of my main reasons for acquiring this device though is to monitor the progress and success of my fat grafting procedures for breast reconstruction and augmentation. We have already used the device to evaluate existing patients, and have been very pleased to see normal appearing fat tissue for both fresh fat grafts. We have already initiated research protocols to study the progress of our fat grafting patients to ensure optimum survival and outcome.

There are numerous ideas for future use of this precision imaging equipment to enhance our patient services and results in the future. As regenerative aesthetics and reconstruction using fat grafting and hopefully fat derived stem and regenerative cells becomes standard of care in plastic surgery, precise imaging will become more and more valuable.

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