Ultrasonography proves viability of banked fat in breast reconstruction

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Sat, 04/28/2012

We have been very pleased to find that high definition ultrasonography examination of breasts reconstructed with both fresh and frozen (cryopreserved) fat shows excellent viability. Using the Touchview high definition ultrasound device, we obtained this ultrasound image of one of our patients. The image is of a breast reconstructed completely with fat and was performed almost 3 months after the last grafting procedure. The image clearly show, normal healthy fat tissue with a single 3-4mm microcyst (the small dark circle) just under the skin surface. Fat grafting studies have shown that a few of these small microcysts are to be expected early on after fat grafting, but as long as they are under 5mm, can be expected to absorb withinn 8-12 months.

Our ultrasound studies so far, reveal no obvious differences in the expected number of these microcysts when using banked or fresh fat. Most importantly, these studies appear to confirm that the vast majority of the fat is viable. We are continuing to diligently study our fat grafting patients using both 3-D photographic imaging, MRI, and ultrasonography.

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