Treating Radiation Pain and Breast Deformity and Complications with Fat Transfer

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Sun, 04/06/2014


Radiation is a standard part of the prescribed treatment for many women diagnosed with breast cancer. Radiation is frequently combined with partial mastectomy or lumpectomy, Orin combination with chemotherapy after mastectomy. Of course the benefit of radiation therapy is to reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. Unfortunately, radiation therapy is almost always associated with damage to the remaining tissue. Sometimes this damage is minimal, but frequently it may result in severe scarring and deformity, and even pain. In severe cases, there may even be tissue breakdown and then failure to heal. Unfortunately these problems may be progressive and get worse over time rather than better. Lumpectomy with radiation is often called 'breast sparing' surgery, but in many cases the result is a severely deformed deformed breast completely different in shape and size to the other breast. Radiation over breast implants or tissue ex panders used in breast reconstruction is also associated with a very high complication rate. Complications include severe hardening, misshapen breasts, and even implant extrusion.

Autologous fat transfer (AFT) is now considered the method of choice for treating radiation damaged tissues, and gives hope to women suffering from complications from radiation therapy. In the past there were really no options to treat radiation damaged tissue. Additionally, fat transfer requires no additional scarring as it involves only liposuction and careful injection of the fat into the damaged tissue. As with any technique, skill and experience are required to ensure the best results with low risk of complications.

For those women who experience pain after radiation therapy, or even reduced mobility of the arm, one of the first benefits they experience is reduction or elimination of their pain. With repeated AFT procedures increased softening of the tissues and mobility can be expected.

AFT effectively transforms scarred, rigid tissue, to soft pliable tissue, a true regeneration effect of fat transfer. 

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