Traditional Breast Reconstruction techniques have high complication rate

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Sun, 03/09/2014

In yet another paper published in the Annals of Surgical Oncology, traditional breast reconstruction techniques using breast implants and expanders and/or tissue flaps such as the  microsurgical abdominal flaps, a high rate of complications is documented. In 254 cases documented, complications with tissue flaps exceeded 21%, and with implants and expanders the complications exceeded 37%. Furthermore hospital stays were between 2- 4 days for these procedures. (Outcome analysis of expander/implant versus microsurgical abdominal flap breast reconstruction: A critical study of 254 cases 
Annals of Surgical Oncology, 02/24/2014  Review Article Liu C, et al.)

In contrast we have found breast reconstruction with fat transfer to have a mnior complication rate of less than 5%, and a 0% major complication rate. Minor complications have included fat necrosis or loss of small amounts of fat.

Furthermore, breast reconstruction with fat transfer is a 100% outpatient procedure, without the need for hospitalization. Almost half of our patients who request fat transfer for breast reconstruction, have had complications with other methods of breast reconstruction.

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