Refine Scarless Suspension System for enhanced breast support

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Wed, 07/17/2013


I am pleased to introduce another scarless breast surgery technique available to patients at the Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique. The Refine Suture Suspension System is a soft and flexible internal suture mesh anchor device that helps elevate and support the breast tissues. The Refine system is placed with specially designed instruments to provide internal support without additional scars.

The system is usually used as a component of other techniques such as fat grafting to the breast and traditional breast lift procedures to help improve upper breast fullness and assist with elevation of the nipple. The Refine device can also be used in the Reverse Abdominoplasty with Fat Transfer (RAFT) procedure to shape and project the breast.  The RAFT procedure can dramatically improve the results of breast reconstruction with autologous fat transfer for mastectomy patients

The Refine suture (pictured below) is a permanent suture device placed under the skin within the breast tissue, and cannot be felt by the patient. When combined with fat grafting in breast augmentation patients, Refine will enhance both the upper breast fullness and the cleavage areas. Call or email us today for more information about the Refine System

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