New HydraSolve® technology and fat grafting

Providing the Best in Natural Breast Reconstruction to Orlando & nearby areas of Florida

Sun, 04/07/2013

The Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique is the first facility in Florida and one of the first in the US to introduce HydraSolve® liposculpture technology to our patients. HydraSolve technology is based on devices used to remove cataracts from the eye, and promises to be the gentlest form of liposuction yet devised. HydraSolve Tissue Liquefaction Technology uses a combination of low levels of pressure and temperature to liquify fat before it is removed. The result is that the fat is removed without the forceful thrusting normally associated with liposuction. As a National Training Center for HydraSolve®, we have now completed our first few cases and we are extremely impressed at the gentle nature of the process. The fat is removed so gently that there is no damage to surrounding tissues with no bruizing and rapid recovery. Early studies of the fat removed with HydraSolve® show that the survival of the fat cells is the highest of any existing device, which is a potential major advantage in fat grafting. Any method that maximizes the survival of fat harvested with liposuction is likely to result in a significantly higher fat graft survival. The combination of extremely gentle liposuction with minimal downtime and quick recovery with maximal fat survival is another step towards making breast reconstruction and augmentation with fat grafting the standard of care as a 100% outpatient option for women seeking reconstruction or augmentation without breast implants or complex tissue flap procedures. Of course gentle body contouring liposculpture is an added bonus. For more information contact the Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique.

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