Michelle Hartog has her final reconstruction procedure

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Fri, 12/07/2012

Michelle, my wife, and I are ecstatic with the outcome of her breast reconstruction using only her own fat. Last Friday we were in Miami where Dr. Roger Khouri, the pioneer of the procedure I have used for Michelle's breast reconstruction, showed me some refinements he has made to the procedure. The procedure, known as the RAFT procedure is designed to help improve the shape of the breast and create a natural breast fold after complete mastectomy and reconstruction with fat. We are forever indebted to Dr. Khouri for being so gracious with his time and knowledge and for encouraging me to perform this reconstructive procedure on my own wife. Michelle has had four grafting procedures performed at our facility, including the use of banked fat. The final RAFT procedure involved a suture shaping procedure to improve the final breast shape. Once again the procedure was performed as an outpatient with no additional scarring, and she has an outstanding result by any measure. She is also very pleased with the additional body contouring and tightening of her tummy that has resulted from her procedures. We can both now attest to the fact that breast reconstruction with fat grafting is quite simply the best reconstructive option after mastectomy for breast cancer, and in my opinion superior to either implant or flap reconstruction (including the DIEP flap) for many reasons. She now has excellent shape, projection, and volume, and fabulous cleavage, for a completely natural breast shape and feel, with normal sensation in the overlying skin. Of course we are pleased to offer fat grafting and the RAFT procedure for breast reconstruction to our patients in the Central Florida area.

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