Fixing traditional breast reconstruction complications with fat transfer

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Sat, 09/21/2013

One of the most satisfying aspects of breast reconstruction with autologous fat transfer, is being able to help women who are dissatisfied with their existing breast reconstruction from traditional methods or worse, those who have had complications with other reconstruction methods. These complications include:

  • Breast implant complications such as implant infection and failure, capsular contracture, unnatural look and feel of the breast and implant displacement and assymetry
  • Partial or total failure of tissue flaps with reconstruction failure or overall unsatisfactory appearance, assymetry etc
  • Complications related to radiation treatment for breast cancer, ranging from tissue retraction and scarring, to failure or compromise of implants and tissue flaps

Because most women are not informed of the option to perform breast reconstruction with fat transfer at their initial surgery, most of the patients we see are women who come to us seeking help with unsatisfactory outcomes from previous reconstruction attempts.

Fortunately we are almost always able to at least improve on their previous reconstruction, if not totally restore a natural reconstructed breast, with autologous fat transfer. Using fat transfer we are able to replace existing implants, improve the appearance of existing implants, and fix implant problems such as rippling, capsular contracture, insufficient tissue coverage over implants and implant displacement. For women who have unsatisfactory tissue flap reconstruction, we are able to either completely reconstruct the breast or improve the appearance of existing flap problems such as poor shape and size, assymetry from the other breast and flap malposition. 

One of the most satisfying benefits we are able to provide with autologous fat transfer is improvement or correction of problems related to radiation treatment for breast cancer. Unfortunately traditional breast reconstruction methods, and especially breast implants, in combination with radiation treatment have an extremely high complication rate. Autologous fat transfer is effectively a cure for radiation damaged tissues, able to restore the tissues from a scarred state to a normal tissue state, and thus salvage failed breast reconstruction attempts in many cases.

The other major benefit of autologous fat transfer to patients, is that we can offer hope without the high risk of complications, and often devastating complications related to traditional methods. Of course no procedure is completely risk free but autologous fat transfer is so much simpler in concept than other approaches, that complications if any are likely to be minor. The risk of tissue loss with traditional methods can be devastating and deforming, whereas the risk of tissue loss with fat grafting, rarely means more than an oil cyst that can be drained with a small needle.

Of course every patient is unique, but we can truly say that autologous fat transfer can provide hope and help to most individuals living with the deformities of failed or compromised breast reconstruction from traditional methods. For more information please call or email us. As a practicing plastic surgeon I have never been more passionate about a procedure able to help the vast majority of breast cancer and reconstruction patients. More than any other procedure I perform, I can follow te traditional medical mantra of 'primum non nocere', first do no harm!

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