Fat transfer the solution for Lumpectomy problems

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Wed, 10/30/2013

Lumpectomy with radiation is commonly the preferred option presented to women diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the advantages however, women are rarely informed of the potential pitfalls of this approach when it comes to subsequent breast deformities and breast assymetries that will result. The deformities may be mild in some cases, but in many cases the deformities may be severe, with patients as unhappy as if they had a full mastectomy. In same cases these deformities can be prevented or corrected with judicious oncoplastic surgery to minimize the deformity, and frequently reducing or lifting the other breast to achieve symmetry. 

Unfortunately the wild card in lumpectomy surgery is the radiation therapy that usually accompanies it, and all too frequently, women treated with lumpectomy and radiation land up with severely deformed breasts with associated radiation complications, ranging from mild skin issues and tissue contraction, to severe tissue breakdown and failure to heal. Even with careful oncoplastic surgery to minimise lumpectomy surgery defects, the effects of radiation may actually worsen over time, creating problems that are not immediately apparent.

It is also unfortunate that women are rarely, if ever informed that there is a relatively simple treatment option to correct these deformities and restore damaged tissue. The treatment for the vast majority of lumpectomy deformities and problems from mild to severe is autologous fat transfer (AFT), or fat grafting. Performed as a 100% outpatient procedure, fat is removed with simple liposuction and then reinjected to restore the damages tissue. Of course the technique must be performed in a particular way to be successful, and the number of procedures may vary depending on the degree of breast deformity and tissue damge. At the Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique, Dr. Hartog specializes in this procedure. We have also pioneered the use of cryopreserved (frozen) fat for multistage fat grafting procedures, so that lumpectomy defects may be restored with a single liposuction procedure, and then the extra fat can be stored for use for repeat procedures, making the process even easier for the patient. Our LiquidGold® lipobank is the only clinic based FDA registered fat bank in the U.S.

AFT truly has the ability to restore scarred, contracted, and even painful breasts, to soft, natural feeling breasts, as well as restoring size and symmetry to the opposite breast. One of the other major benefits of fat transfer is it's ability to take away the pain that may be associated with radiation treatment, especially in higher doses. There is also a strong argument for fat grafting to lumpectomy and radiation treated breasts to prevent further radiation problems. Another major benefit of fat grafting is the ability to resolve the pain that may be associated with radiation treated tissues.

We encourage you to spread the word to women who have had lumpectomies, that there is no need to live with the defects and deformities associated with the procedure. Lumpectomy and radiation may be a preferred option to mastectomy for many women, but it is often not the 'breast sparing' operation it is advertised to be. The good news is that at the Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique we provide a relatively simple treatment that does not require, implants, flaps, or other major surgery. Call or email us for more information, by federal law breast reconstruction procedures must be covered by insurance.

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