Fat Transfer increasingly the option of choice in breast procedures

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Sun, 11/24/2013

This weekend I attended the 11 the annual meeting of IFATS in NYC, where scientists and surgeons from around the world got together to talk about the latest in fat transfer and fat stem cell technologies in the laboratory and in patient care. In addition to all the excellent advances in facial rejuvenation using nanofat technology, there were numerous presentations showing how fat is increasingly becoming an accepted part of the treatment and even the treatment of choice in breast reconstruction and augmentation. There were numerous presentations demonstrating the use of fat alone, fat with implants, and even fat with tissue flap procedures. Many of those attending agreed that fat transfer is now the gold standard in the treatment of radiation complications, to the extent that we can now even recommend fat transfer to prevent radiation treatment related complications such as capsular contracture of implants and tissue breakdown.

I had the opportunity to present my talk on standardization of fat transfer techniques for more consistant results and better comparisons of existing techniques.

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