Cutting Edge fat grafting meeting in Milan Italy

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Mon, 09/16/2013

I have just returned from a wonderful meeting in one of my favorite cities in the world, Milan, Italy, where I attended an excellent meeting titled ' Fat Injection and Tissue Regeneration; the cutting edge, where are we now'. Attending the meeting were many of the pioneers in autologous fat transfer (AFT), mostly from Italy and France, but also from the US. The excellence and even superiority of Autologous Fat Transfer for breast cosmetic and reconstructive procedures continues to be confirmed in the many excellent presentations by Dr. Gino Rigotti, Dr. Emanuel Delay, Dr. Roger Khouri, and others. In addition emerging and very exciting applications were presented for other diseases such as facial scleroderma and Dupuytren's contracture of the hand. Even though it was only a one day event it was full of information, and a chance to interact one on one with some of the pioneers of autologous fat transfer, particularly from Europe.

The meeting was organized Dr. Riccardo Mazzola and the Fondizione G. Sanvenero Rossselli, and held at a wonderful location next to the world famous La Scala theatre and opera house in Milan. Of course my wife Michelle and I enjoyed the sights and the great Italian food of Milan. Here are a few photographs.

Enjoying the meeting with Dr. Roger Khouri of Miami, and Dr. Gino Rigotti of Verona, Italy. Dr. Rigotti is the one of the pioneers of breast reconstruction with autologous fat transfer in Europe.

dr. Jeffrey Hartog, Dr. Roger Khouri, and Dr. Gino Rigotti

The beautiful Fondazione Cariplo Congress Center next door to the world-famous Scala theater where the meeting was held. 

Milan skyline at sunset from our hotel rooftop restaurant

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