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Sun, 03/25/2012

I just returned from the 1st Congress of the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery in Rome. There were many excellent presentations, and I was honored to be on the podium with many world famous plastic surgeons and pioneers in the field of fat grafting and regenerative plastic surgery. I have performed fat grafting for almost 20 years in my practice and overall consider it to be one of the safest procedures I perform. In the breast however it is of course important that we demonstrate that fat grafting is safe, with few complications, and also that there is no increase in cancer recurrence rates in women undergoing breast reconstruction with fat. Presentations by Emmanuel De Lay and Jean Yves Petit of France, and Gino Rigotti of Italy and others, reaffirmed that there is no evidence that fat grafting for breast reconstruction causes an increase in cancer recurrence. In some cases the recurrence rate was lower than expected. Between them these surgeons have 2500-3000 cases that they have followed for up to 15 years.

When compared to other methods of breast reconstruction, fat grafting continues to maintain an excellent safety record when properly performed by trained plastic surgeons using good fat grafting techniques.

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