The RAFT Procedure: Breast Shaping and Abdominal Skin Tightening

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During breast reconstruction with fat transfer, one of the procedures we often use to enhance the shape and volume of your breasts is called the RAFT (Reverse Abdominoplasty with Fat Transfer). This incisionless technique is performed in the final stages of breast reconstruction to shape your breasts and create your breast fold. One of the benefits of the RAFT procedure is the tightening of your upper abdomen after liposuction – essentially a reverse tummy tuck.

How the RAFT Procedure Works

During the RAFT procedure, liposuction is performed on the abdomen to remove fat, which is then added to your breast(s). After fat removal, the skin in your upper abdomen is tightened and pulled up under your reconstructed breast, creating a more defined breast fold, and adding further volume to the breasts.

The RAFT procedure uses a tiny needle-sized puncture to perform liposuction, and involves no additional scarring.  This procedure can provide outstanding results with improved body contouring and tightening of the abdomen, and at the same time  enhancing the volume, shape, projection, and cleavage – all without any breast implants, giving close to normal sensation in the overlying skin, and a natural feel to the touch.

Examples of the RAFT procedure used with fat grafting for breast reconstruction after cancer, or breast reconstruction after implant complications can be seen in our gallery.

Of course an added bonus of the RAFT procedure is the tightening of the upper abdomen. The RAFT procedure can be performed in combination with a traditionsal tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

Your Best Option for Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction with fat grafting is an excellent reconstructive option after mastectomy for breast cancer patients. Instead of using complex tissue flap techniques and breast implants, which often lead to problems like capsular contracture, fat grafting is a 100% natural breast reconstruction method that is capable of providing you with safe, exceptional results – especially if your breast tissue was treated with radiation.

In Europe, fat micrografting is the first-line approach to breast reconstruction after radiation and lumpectomy. The British National Health Service now recommends fat grafting as the primary approach to breast reconstruction after lumpectomy and radiation. Fat grafting has been proven to promote healing in radiation damaged tissues. On top of all these benefits, fat grafting is often a more cost-effective approach than alternative breast reconstruction options.

A Leading Innovator in Breast Reconstruction

The Bougainvillea Clinique is the first and only clinic-based facility in Central Florida to use the Liquid Gold™ LipoBank – an FDA-registered tissue bank that allows us to store your fat for grafting procedures, and even future medical procedures. Dr. Hartog is also one of the only surgeons in Central Florida trained in the RAFT technique. He is dedicated to using his skill, experience, and innovative technology for the benefit of breast cancer survivors. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Michelle Hartog RN, is passionate about guiding patients through the cancer recovery process and into the rewarding process of natural reconstruction.

If you live in Winter Park, Orlando, or anywhere in Central Florida and are looking for a surgeon with experience in breast reconstruction using fat transfer, please contact The Bougainvillea Clinique today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hartog.

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