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Simply the most natural and least invasive method of Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation; a breakthrough in Regenerative Plastic Surgery•

  • Your own fat from liposuction, no foreign implants or materials
  • Scarless; no additional cuts or incisions
  • Body contouring liposuction as an added benefit
  • 100% outpatient; with rapid recovery
  • Breasts look and feel completely soft and natural
  • Your own tissue with near normal return of sensation
  • Suitable for all types of breast reconstruction from partial to complete
  • The method of choice to improve or salvage other methods of reconstruction
  • The method of choice when radiation treatment has been performed
  • The method of choice to replace implants from failed reconstruction or augmentation
  • Can be combined with implants for a more natural implant result
  • Can be used to treat implant complications such as capsular contracture

Immediate breast reconstruction with Autologous Fat Transfer

Dr. Jeffery Hartog speaks about using fat grafting with Breast Reconstruction

The Breast Center at The Bougainvillea Clinique

The Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique specializes in scarless, natural techniques using fat transfer  and internal suture suspension procedures for breast reconstruction after breast cancer and breast augmentation, as well as complications from breast implant and tissue flap procedures. Dr. Jeffrey Hartog, is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over twenty years of experience, who has lectured both nationally and internationally on fat transfer procedures. He has incorporated and refined fat transfer and  internal suspension techniques for women who are seeking a simpler, scarless and more natural approach to breast reconstruction and augmentation. Michelle Hartog RN, our breast cancer patient coordinator is herself a breast cancer survivor who has completed breast reconstruction using exclusively fat transfer and internal suspension procedures. The Bougainvillea Clinique is located in Winter Park, Florida, 20 minutes from Orlando international Airport and provides convenient access to patients in Central Florida, the United States and Internationally.

Scarless Breast reconstruction or augmentation with fat is simply the most natural way to build a breast. Scarless breast reconstruction with fat transfer is a great advance from other reconstruction options such as implant/expander, TRAM Flap, latissimus flap and DIEP procedures. Scarless breast lift using internal  suspension techniques can also be performed, either as an isolated procedure, or in combination with fat grafting and even with existing breast implants. These procedures have the added benefit of body contouring liposuction as well as the possibility of a scarless tummy tuck in some cases. The procedures are 100% outpatient, and the breasts look and feel like a natural breast. For many women who have gone through the trauma of breast cancer surgery, the simpler more natural option to reconstruct the breasts without implants or complicated flaps is an obvious choice. Fat removed with gentle liposuction is much more than just a filler material. Fat is also the richest source of adult stem and regenerative cells. Fat has true healing and regenerative properaties with the ability to restore damaged  tissue, particularly tissue damaged by cancer radiation therapy. Your own fat can even facilitate nerve regeneration through the tissues with restoration of sensation to the skin of the reconstructed breast. Breast reconstruction and augmentation with your own fat is truly a way of regenerating a natural breast without scars, without implants and without complex flap procedures requiring an extended recovery. As an added bonus you get the benefit of body contouring liposuction. 


In many cases we see women who have had failed breast reconstruction with other techniques or complications resulting in compromised reconstructions. Frequently fat grafting can salvage these failures or at minimum improve the situation or result.

We understand the traumatic effects of breast cancer and the journey through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and breast reconstruction. We do everything possible to provide concierge service to our breast reconstruction patients to help make the journey easier. 

Women who want breast augmentation but do not want implants, or women who have experienced complications with breast implants are also frequently candidates for fat grafting.

All our scarless breast reconstruction and augmentation procedures are performed at the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Winter Park which is adjacent to the Bougainvillea Clinique, and located in Winter Park near Orlando, Florida. The Medical Director of the The Breast Center at the Bougainvillea Clinique is  Jeffrey M. Hartog, M.D., Board Certified Orlando Breast Reconstruction Surgeon. Our Patient Coordinator Michelle Hartog Glowacki, R.N.,  is herself a breast cancer survivor who has had both breasts reconstructed with fat grafting alone. Michelle meets personally with all breast fat reconstruction patients, to help guide them through the process. The Center is designed to provide all the latest technological advances in fat grafting, fat harvest and liposuction, and fat derived stem and regenerative cell technologies. Dr. Hartog has almost 20 years of experience in fat grafting and breast surgery using traditional implants as well.

Scarless Fat grafting for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction utilizes your own fat removed with gentle liposuction techniques. The fat is then transferred to the breast area using state-of-the-art micrografting to provide the most natural breast possible.

Total or partial breast reconstruction is possible, and the technique is suitable to restore lumpectomy as well as mastectomy defects. Fat grafting can also be used to salvage failed or compromised breast implant or tissue flap breast reconstruction procedures. For breast augmentation, fat grafting provides a breast that looks and feels natural, and can even be used to improve the results of breast implants and breast lift procedures. Another benefit of breast reconstruction with fat, is that unlike many flap reconstruction procedures, the skin of the reconstructed breast will have normal or close to normal sensation.

Fat grafting is a 100 percent outpatient procedure, with the added benefit of body contouring liposuction. The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Winter Park is a state and federally certified ambulatory surgery facility. Our facility is unique in the area in that it is not an office surgery facility, as are other plastic surgeon owned facilities in Orlando. Our facility is Medicare certified and licensed by AHCA, the same organization that licenses hospitals and other free standing ambulatory surgery centers. The safety and licensing requirements for AHCA are much stricter than those required for office surgery facilities. The center incorporates the Adrecyte Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Center. This FDA registered tissue bank allows patients to store their own fat for future fat grafting procedures and for the processing of adipose derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs). ADRCs are at the core of the regenerative properties of fat, and can be used to enhance the fat grafting process as well as numerous other existing and potential cell based therapies.

• Breast reconstruction and augmentation with fat transfer is suitable for almost all individuals; limitations may exist in cases of limited fat deposits.

To learn more about scarless breast reconstruction and breast augmentation using fat grafting in Winter Park, Orlando, and nearby Central Florida communities, please contact our board certified breast surgeon Dr. Jeffrey M. Hartog to schedule a consultation.

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